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founded in May 2014, is the first of its kind in Tunisia. Its primary objective is to promote sexual health through scientific research, events, education for healthcare practitioners, advocating for comprehensive sex education, and communication initiatives for the general public.

​The Tunisian Association
of Clinical Sexology

Image showcasing the initial phase of our medical organization's rebranding, featuring artists sketching ideas for the new logo design
Digital workspace displaying the exploration of various logo concepts for the medical organization's rebranding journey
Snapshot of the typography selection process, highlighting elegant typeface choices that complement the values of our medical organization
Color palette development stage, exploring vibrant hues that represent the essence of our medical organization's renewed identity
Graphic showcasing the creation of our medical organization's brand guidelines, documenting design principles for consistent and cohesive visual communication
Iconography development stage, featuring the creation of meaningful medical icons that symbolize key aspects of our organization
Screenshot of the web interface design process, focusing on user-centric layouts and intuitive navigation for our medical organization's online presence
Realistic mockup visualizing the rebranded elements, providing a sneak peek into the new look and feel of our medical organization
Professional business card design showcasing the application of the rebranded visual elements for our medical organization's stationery.
Elegant designs for letterheads and envelopes, part of our medical organization's rebranding efforts to enhance printed collateral
Moment capturing the official unveiling of our medical organization's new logo, symbolizing a fresh start and commitment to excellence
Social media graphics reflecting the rebranded visual identity, ensuring a cohesive and engaging online presence for our medical organization
Creative brochure design featuring the rebranded elements, providing comprehensive information about our medical organization's services
Creative awareness medical campaign poster
social media branding for health clinic
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