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Graphic Design /

Explore my creative journey in design, from unique branding projects to innovative digital campaigns.

Videography /

Explore my videography and editing projects, from creative storytelling to polished final cuts

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Hello, I'm Amin!

An expert in Graphic Design,
Visual communication and  Content Production.

With over six years of experience in the creative industry, I've had the opportunity to work with several brands across various industries. I specialize in crafting well-designed identities, visuals, and assets that help brands effectively communicate their messages.


Proffessional graphic designer

From an early age, my passion for digital creativity flourished as I immersed myself in online gaming and graphic design. This hobby seamlessly blended with my formal education, leading me to pursue graphic design at the University of Fine Arts.

Specializing in graphic design, I developed skills in visual communication, web design, typography, and more. My professional journey began with an internship at Vew Agency, where I quickly transitioned to a permanent graphic designer role. Seeking broader experience, I volunteered with AIESEC and explored photography.

I co-founded a production studio, working with notable personalities and honing my videography skills. My career continued to evolve through roles in digital media content creation, real estate, fashion retail, education, and finally, a reputable advertising agency. Each step of my journey has enriched my expertise, shaping me into a versatile and accomplished art director.

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